Random picker of winners for an
Instagram Giveaway by comments or among all subscribers

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Just paste the link to the post or enter your profile name in the first step.

Checking the implementation of the competition rules

Checking the subscriptionfor the required profiles (one or several)
Checking the repostin the feed or story
Checking friends mentions.Consider only unique mentions
Working with multiple posts.Gather a database of participants from several posts
Checking thatthe profile is open

Set the odds of winning

Winners are selected randomly.

You can set equal chances of winning either based on the number of comments or mentions.


Interesting statistics

Chart of the appearance of new members and comments. Comparison of the performance of your competition with the average values of over 100,000 other competitions.

  • When was the increase in participants?
  • How many comments are there on average from one participant?
  • How many mentions from one participant on average?
  • How many of the mentioned friends became participants?
  • The number of participants relative to the number of subscribers?
  • How do your indicators differ from other contests?

Multiple launch of the contest

The number of launches is not limited to one time. If the conditions for participants change (number of comments, likes, number of participants, conditions for verification), a re-selection of winners will become available. To share the result, you can create a link to it.

Exporting data to an Excel file

You can download a table with all the participants, comments or likes for self-analysis.


The price depends on the size of the contest, the type and number of checks. Add your contest and select the necessary features to find out the appropriate tariff. Access is purchased for a specific link to a post (or a bunch of links) and works from any device without time restrictions.

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